In addition to food distribution, our campaign is to raise awareness about the covid-19 and urge all community members to continue to adhere to the important precautions set forth by the Government and the NHS regarding how to best protect yourself and your family. A few key best practices to support our nationwide recovery are:

  1. Practice good hygiene and wash your hands;
  2. People who feel sick should stay home;
  3. Protect the most vulnerable individuals, including those 80+ years of age and those with pre-existing conditions;
  4. Practice social distancing and consider wearing face covering when in public.


You and your loved ones are cherished members of our West Midlands community. This pandemic has brought many hardships on millions of hardworking individuals and communities through no fault of their own. We will support UK’s recovery every step of the way. Together, we will overcome this challenge, and our Nation will emerge from this crisis stronger than ever before.

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Care Link West Midlands’s Support during Covid-19 Pandemic


As a community oriented organisation, Care Link West Midlands prioritises highly safeguarding the health and well-being of our community members.

As part of our response to the coronavirus, we have prioritised distributing nutritious food from our local markets and shops to families in need throughout the Black Country. We are partnering with other local organisations, shops, supermarkets and grant making trusts and foundations to ensure that vulnerable people in need receive locally-sourced fresh fruits and vegetables as well as dairy, meat products and other essential items to combat food poverty caused by covid-19.

Over the last few months, we have delivered hundreds and hundreds of food boxes to refugee families and elderly in need, and we will continue to serve those most in need during this challenging time.



Thank you for giving to Care Link West Midlands. Your donation enabled us to provide free food and other essential items to families and elderly in need:

  • We provided free food, clothing and household items to over 100 refugees and other BME people who are negatively impacted by COVID-19.
  • Also, we were able to educate and encourage hardworking refugee families and they have successfully managed to increase their incomes, savings, and credit scores. A number of refugee families have proudly moved from home renting to home owners. This is a terrific achievement. Most importantly, many of them have become more self-sufficient with the potential to transcend by becoming independent community members and active UK citizen and donors and resource persons.
  • Meanwhile, a number of young people have taken education seriously and they have completed high schools and others have moved to colleges and universities thanks to our programme of connecting young people to opportunities.
  • Care Link West Midlands is providing mentorship and coaching services to young people virtually via Zoom meetings and encourages them to excel in their studies.
  • We also provide career guidance and counselling to young people; responsible parenting education and employment services to BME young people.


Your generosity has given us the ability to empower BME people and other vulnerable people we serve in Sandwell, West Midlands. Thank you a million times.